News, Insights and Best Practices for Manufacturing in Mexico



Offshoring and Supply Chain Management in Mexico

The majority of manufacturing executives seek ways to reduce their operational costs and boost profits. Offshoring can offer these advantages to U.S. businesses, as does investing in a supply...

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Consumer Benefits of Offshoring

Expanding to Mexico creates benefits for manufacturers by the numbers, but the benefits of offshoring for consumers are frequently overlooked. Offshoring in Mexico not only means more efficient...

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Natural Gas Distribution in the Saltillo Manufacturing Industry

Exports of U.S. natural gas to Mexico have quickly risen in the past decade because of its low prices and ease of access. Since 2009, Natural Gas exports to Mexico have doubled in support of the...

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Understanding the NAFTA Certificate of Origin

To fully benefit from NAFTA, Canadian and U.S. companies that manufacture in Mexico must not only produce a viable product at a competitive prices, but also operate within Mexico, Canada and U.S....

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Advantages of Nearshoring

Offshoring in itself offers many competitive edges as an outsourcing alternative, but the advantages of nearshoring are unparalleled in terms of reducing manufacturing costs. Not only does...

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Understanding the Mexican Import and Export process

Understanding import and export compliance and regulations for Mexican customs is a major piece of any logistics operation when manufacturing in Mexico.  The import and export process is essential...

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Mexico’s Top Free Trade Agreements and Their Impact

Mexico's Free Trade Agreements have pushed the country to become the 10th largest export economy in the world with USD$391 Billion in exports in total.The impact of access to a free trade economy,...

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Saltillo’s Manufacturing Economy

Saltillo is a prosperous manufacturing city in the high desert of northern Mexico. It’s strong manufacture-oriented export economy and growing automobile industry has made it an advantageous...

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News from ZAPA - The Offshore Group's Manufacturing Community in Saltillo, Coahuila

News from ZAPA:  April 2017

The Offshore Group - ZAPA has had a productive year so far! Our new client, new youth soccer program, and awards and certifications are helping us celebrate the 20th...

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News from MTK- The Offshore Group's Manufacturing Communities in Guaymas and Empalme, Sonora

News from MTK: April 2017

MTK got down to business in the beginning of 2017, and is working to better the company's sustainability, and quality of life. Working with labor unions in Mexico and...

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