News, Insights and Best Practices for Manufacturing in Mexico



Border Adjustment Tax Explained

In late July, U.S. congress decided to remove plans for a Border Adjustment Tax (BAT) from the discussed trade reform and NAFTA negotiations. The BAT would have taxed imports to the U.S. from...

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How Medical Device Manufacturers Create Supplier Relationships

Medical device manufacturers face unique obstacles when transitioning production to Mexico. If the products are being shipped to the U.S., they must fulfill quality system (QS) requirements set by...

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Manufacturing in Mexico and China after NAFTA

More and more automakers are expanding to Mexico. Companies that manufacture in China are taking advantage of this demand by sending Mexico as much of its steel and other industrial goods as...

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Understanding Your Manufacturing Costs in Mexico

Establishing a manufacturing presence in Mexico comes with various costs to consider. A manufacturing operation requires specific skills, location knowledge, and supply-chain partnerships to dig...

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3 Manufacturing Specialties of the Mexican Labor Force

Mexico is quickly becoming a leader in manufacturing as many industries choose to nearshore and expand their company into the country. Growing industry clusters throughout the country are...

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Foreign Companies Continue Investing in Mexico Manufacturing

Mexico manufacturing provides companies with a variety of benefits. Companies expanding to the country become part of dynamically growing industries with access to a global market and highly...

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Cultural Understanding Leads to Success When in Mexico

Mexico is an attractive low-cost manufacturing location due to fiscal stability, steady rates of growth, political stability and proximity to the United States. It is the second-largest country in...

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The Automotive Industry for Suppliers in Mexico

One of the main reasons automakers are able to produce and export at a large scale is because of Mexico’s robust network of suppliers located around the country. Mexico exported 41% of their auto... Read More

Mexico Manufacturing Costs Analyzed

A consideration of manufacturing costs has consistently been the dominant factor that companies take into account when deciding whether or not to initiate and operate a manufacturing facility in...

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Start-Up Costs to Consider for your Mexico Manufacturing Operation

When contemplating all the issues that surround the start-up of manufacturing operations in Mexico, cost items are at the top of the list. Manufacturing cost reduction considerations motivate...

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