News, Insights and Best Practices for Manufacturing in Mexico



Saltillo’s Manufacturing Economy

Saltillo is a prosperous manufacturing city in the high desert of northern Mexico. It’s strong manufacture-oriented export economy and growing automobile industry has made it an advantageous...

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News from ZAPA - The Offshore Group's Manufacturing Community in Saltillo, Coahuila

News from ZAPA:  April 2017

The Offshore Group - ZAPA has had a productive year so far! Our new client, new youth soccer program, and awards and certifications are helping us celebrate the 20th...

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News from MTK- The Offshore Group's Manufacturing Communities in Guaymas and Empalme, Sonora

News from MTK: April 2017

MTK got down to business in the beginning of 2017, and is working to better the company's sustainability, and quality of life. Working with labor unions in Mexico and...

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News from The Offshore Group - Bajio

News from Bajio: April 2017

The Offshore Group - Bajio welcomes AK Tube to our family! We are also on the move towards getting our 2015 Certification for the ISO 9001. The Offshore Group is...

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Rise in U.S. Lean Manufacturing and the need to Nearshore

The U.S. manufacturing sector took a hit during the recession, but the industry is making a comeback. While many companies are still struggling to regain the ground they lost due to the economic...

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IMMEX and Manufacturing Communities in Mexico


Maquiladora operations date back to the 50's and have gradually changed over the years with the advent of NAFTA and the opening of the Mexican market. The Mexican government changed the program...

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Introduction to the Mexican Federal Labor Law: The Basics

 With few updates, one most recently in 2012, Mexican labor laws were written into the constitution after the revolutionary war in 1917. The laws rigorously implement a safe work environment and...

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Overview of Employee Benefits and Paid Time-Off in Mexico

Mexico, like many countries, has baseline legal benefits that are imbedded in the national labor law. Employees in Mexican manufacturing typically follow strong saftey procedures and work within a...

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Work Week and Payroll Factors in the Mexican Labor Law

Mexico's work schedule operates on a specific standard that generates flexibility within the work week. The intricacies of employee overtime, termination, resignation, and retirement payments...

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Maquiladoras in Mexico: What are the Benefits?

Maquiladoras have attracted foreign companies because of their various tax benefits, skilled labor, proximity to large markets, and ultimately lower costs. The country has uniquely positioned...

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