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How Arizona and Sonora Have Joined Hands to Attract New Business

09 Jun 2015

Category: Manufacturing in Mexico

The Tucson, Arizona based University of Arizona owns and operates one of the country’s leading technology parks known as Tech Parks Arizona. What clearly distinguishes this technology park from others in the country or even the world is its relentless commitment to forge alliances with best-in-class regional businesses including organizations located in Mexico. Tech Parks Arizona has eliminated from its mindset that there is a geographic border and focuses on tapping into regional capabilities, capacity, and competency regardless of whether those are found in the U.S. or in Mexico. Because of its privileged location near the U.S.-Mexico border, Tech Parks Arizona and its co-founding partner The Offshore Group, are opening myriad options for innovators around the globe who seek market entry into North America.

The asset and knowledge rich alliance between The Offshore Group and Tech Parks Arizona provides immediate benefits to companies of all sizes for taking ideas from concept to market. The program known as GlobalAdvantage gives small to medium sized innovators and manufacturers an established economy of scale that they can leverage from day one by providing smaller enterprises access to the knowledge and resources that traditionally only large multinational companies have.

Companies that use GlobalAdvantage’s infrastructure will have the equivalent of their own R&D department, North American sales and marketing department, Mexico and U.S. manufacturing capabilities, and even a legal and tax department without the need to create and fund these organizations. GlobalAdvantage’s motivation for makings its assets, knowledge, and relationships available to companies that otherwise could not afford these resources, is to play an integral role in the commercialization of innovation from around the world.

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