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Capture of drug cartel leader increases safety in Mexico

25 Jul 2013

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For years, Mexico shelter companies have chosen strategic locations away from drug cartels to keep workers safe. Although the groups have influence over parts of Mexico, manufacturing companies haven't had any issues with cartel activity and their presence is waning throughout the country. With the recent arrest of notorious Zetas leader, Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, expanding to Mexico is now easier for U.S. manufacturers.

According to Fox News, Morales was captured near the Texas border by Mexican Marines. The Mexican government continues to put policies in place for reducing drug cartel activity and violence in certain areas of the country. Fox News reported the arrest of Morales, who is also known as "Z-40," promises to disrupt cartel organizations and improve safety in many parts of Mexico.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration praised Mexican law enforcement in their capture of Morales in a recent statement.

"The Drug Enforcement Administration congratulates the Government of Mexico on the arrest of Miguel Trevino Morales," the DEA said. "Trevino Morales is of one of the most significant Mexican cartel leaders to be apprehended in several years and DEA will continue to support the Government of Mexico as it forges ahead in disrupting and dismantling drug trafficking organizations."

According to The Washington Post, the capture of Morales is a significant blow to drug trafficking and showcases Mexico's continual drive to improve safety in the country.

The majority of the country remains safe from cartel activity and manufacturers in Mexico that use shelter companies have never had a problem with the groups. The capture of Morales highlights Mexico's positive trend to reduce violence, but it remains important that manufacturers use experienced offshoring companies to ensure they pick secure locations for their production process. Morales' arrest is just another example of how the country is moving to suppress violence. 


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