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Compliance can ensure businesses are caring for the environment

23 Aug 2013

Category: Politics & Regulations

Manufacturing firms that have done a cost-analysis of operations and realize they may be better off shifting some of their processes to Mexico want to know that the shelter companies they partner with will help them ensure that their operations are compliant with the environmental laws in the area. Many businesses in the United States are making it a priority to better the environment, and their staff members are a main driver of that change. According to a study from global research company Ipsos, 80 percent of employees said being responsible toward society and the environment is important to them to some degree.

Environmental awareness is becoming more important
With 61 percent of the nearly 20,000 adults from 24 countries that participated in the survey saying their companies should pay more attention to the environment, it's imperative manufacturers understand basic compliance obligations and don't pollute nearby bodies of water, the air surrounding the facility or the town's sewer systems underground.

In addition, nine in 10 of Mexican employees strongly agree that  their organizations should make more of an effort to pay attention to the environment. 

Businesses must stay in compliance
U.S. firms are likely not as knowledgeable on Mexican environmental regulatory codes. But they need not risk falling foul of regulators and consumers when teaming up with shelter companies. These companies assist original manufacturers by raising awareness of environmental regulations, and pursing a number of other services that include: acquiring permits, dealing with audits, monitoring performance, handling federal and state environment inspections and other basic compliance issues. Understanding these requirements before moving operations to Mexico will make the transition seamless, while also ensuring the company is not negatively impacting the environment during production.

Business leaders who are willing to operate in compliance with local regulations are ready to partner with a shelter company in facilities across the border to improve productivity at the organization. Treating the environment well can often help firms improve their reputation in a given industry and the communities in which they operate


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