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Ellison Surface Technologies joins Sonora manufacturing hub

29 Aug 2013

Category: Aerospace Manufacturing

The Mexican aerospace manufacturing industry is rapidly growing. It is a priority of the government to make Mexico a center of this kind of manufacturing, and in 2010, aerospace companies operating in Mexico exported a total of $3.5 billion in products. One center of aerospace manufacturing is Sonora, where businesses engaged in precision aerospace machining tend to cluster.

The Offshore Group's client Ellison Surface Technologies, an Ohio-based manufacturer of surface treatment and coating for aerospace components, is opening up an operation in the Roca Fuerte Industrial Park in Guaymas, Sonora. Ellison is the 62nd aerospace manufacturing company to offshore manufacturing to Sonora, according to The Economic Development Council for Sonora. Of these companies, 52 are foreign firms manufacturing in Mexico. Sonora is a growing hub for aerospace manufacturing of all kinds.

In fact, manufacturers are so densely clustered in the area that Sonora officials plan to develop Guaymas into the world's first city that can provide door-to-door service for aerospace engine components. This means a part could be completed entirely in the city, instead of needing to be shipped around the world to be finished. This way, Guaymas could offer a complete product. Aerospace engineering has already played an integral role in Mexico's economic recovery, according to Aerospace Manufacturing and Design. Such an innovative system as Guaymas' proposed door-to-door manufacturing hub would only bolster the local economy further.

Estimates show aerospace manufacturing in Mexico will grow up to 20 percent per year through 2016. This is an industry that has high potential for growth in the area. Manufacturing in Mexico offers savings of 28 to 34 percent, according to recent research. This attracts top manufacturers to the area, often with the help of shelter companies. These firms ensure the business of manufacturing - building or acquiring a plant, employing workers and obtaining any necessary permits - takes place smoothly, allowing manufacturing companies themselves to concentrate on what they do best.


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