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Fostering ideas in Guadalajara, Mexico

11 Jul 2016

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There is more to Mexican manufacturing advantages than open trade agreements and cost-efficient resources. The county is home to a young population eager for employment opportunities and ready to invest in their future. To encourage citizens to succeed while appealing to foreign manufacturers, Mexico has established innovative education opportunities and collaborations for the benefit of its student population.

Guadalajara, Mexico, Mexico's second most populated city, is famous for its rich culture. The region also features a number of universities researching the latest manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing.

To remain competitive in the manufacturing industry, companies must discover new technology and strategies that promote lean production lines. According to 3ders, a 3D printing news resource, Guadalajara's Universidad Panamericana recently introduced 3D printing technology to its campus and made it available to its student body.

 Mexico is home to a young skilled workforce eager for employment opportunities.Mexican workforces are skilled and cost-efficient.

This type of production science is growing in popularity in universities around the world. The technology was introduced to Guadalajara thanks to investments from a collaboration of 3D production companies. Now, students can research and experiment with layered manufacturing technology to discover new ways to fabricate supplies, perform assembly projects, and build products from the ground up with extreme precision.

As these students develop new solutions for industries that need carefully designed products, like medical device manufacturing, ideas are shared with local businesses and foreign partners.

Mexico City and Guadalajara are known as Mexico's first and second city, respectively. When it came time for the University of Texas at San Antonio to find future education partners, it reached out to Mexico City and Guadalajara to establish ongoing collaborations.

UTSA created exchange programs with the Mexican universities to share research and create collaborative projects between professors and students in both countries. Representatives from the Texas institution visited Guadalajara in June 2016 to meet with students preparing for future careers in the healthcare industry.

As industries expand globally, collaboration becomes more important than competition. Innovative manufacturing techniques in the medical device manufacturing market are driven by healthcare research performed by local universities and partners around the world.  

Between 2015 and 2016, tourism in Guadalajara grew 15 percent, according to Travel Market Report. This increased interest in the territory has prompted investment in local infrastructure, including a brand new 220-room hotel.

The tech boom in Guadalajara leads to more business travelers, which make up 50 percent of all visitors. In addition to its many university students studying the latest manufacturing and medical technology, Guadalajara features satellite facilities for a variety of major U.S. tech brands. The Guadalajara International Airport provides direct flights to numerous U.S. destinations for this growing number of visitors.  

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