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The Offshore Group Recognized for Environmental Progress

17 Oct 2013

Category: Manufacturing in Mexico, Politics & Regulations

Manufacturas Zapalinamé, one of The Offshore Group's manufacturing communities, is the first of 54 industrial parks in Saltillo Mexico that complies completely with environmental regulations. The Secretary of the Environment will certify its progress on this count. Also known as Parque La Angostura, the industrial park always tries to be the best, according to general manager Miguel Hernández Cervantes.

The certification encompasses many different environmentally friendly factors. Formerly, there were only standards for dangerous waste. Now there are special regulations for materials that could become dangerous and ultimately cause a negative environmental impact. This includes pallets, scrap and other types of refuse that were not regulated in its disposal previously.

According to Hernández Cervantes, the initiatives represent an obligation to run a business sustainably as much as they represent compliance with regulations. While no factory can have zero net impact on the environment, it is possible to try to minimize that effect as much as possible, as Manufacturas Zapalinamé has done.
Download the infographic,  The Benefits of Nearshore Manufacturing in Saltillo  here!

The investments the group has made have been more than monetary. It has also worked to help all plants in the industrial park collaborate and has convinced each of them to participate, which is necessary in efforts of this kind.


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