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Manufacturing in Mexico benefits companies and workers alike

30 Aug 2013

Category: Labor & Economics, Manufacturing in Mexico

The benefits of manufacturing in Mexico for foreign businesses are many. From a favorable exchange rate to well-educated workers, moving production to Mexico can help reduce manufacturing costs without sacrificing quality.

The benefits of the same practice for Mexico itself are less widely touted, however. According to Business Insider, the country's job growth has slowed as the country works to improve its economic situation. One solution that can employ thousands of Mexican workers is offshored manufacturing. Companies that choose to expand to Mexico not only aid themselves and their bottom lines but also give many skilled and qualified workers steady employment. If Mexico is to remain competitive as an industry hub, it must maintain a healthy economy, which includes employment rates. To preserve the benefits expanding to Mexico, the strength of the economy in the country is important. While manufacturing cannot employ everyone, the jobs provided by offshore factories and plants do their part to boost the country's economy. It is a reciprocal relationship, in which manufacturing in Mexico helps businesses, which in turn helps the Mexican economy and people.

Hiring Mexican workers is a sensible decision for many reasons. The education system in the country is good, and there are many opportunities for workers to develop their professional skills both during and after formal schooling. Initiatives exist to help develop local talent to ensure manufacturers in Mexico are well-supplied with quality workers. Of course, these programs also help secure the careers and futures of those workers themselves.

As Mexico recovers from its recession, jobs are a necessary component. Businesses seeking to offshore manufacturing need competent workers. These groups can aid one another to the great benefit of both, financially and socially.


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