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Metromatemáticas: Advanced Manufacturing’s New Best Friend

09 Jun 2015

Category: Manufacturing in Mexico

It’s an idea that makes too much sense. Young students learning math through relevance. When engaged to solve real-world problems that impact our society and by doing so in a high tech setting that includes sophisticated tools and equipment, students gain confidence as they gain competency.

Metromatemáticas is a combination of the words “metrology” and “mathematics” and represents a comprehensive approach to teach middle school students relatively complex mathematical concepts. The methodology known as “Metromatemáticas” was invented by a Master Black Belt automotive engineer and Mexican national by the name of Nahum Correa. His vision is to improve the standard of living of all Mexicans by improving math skills in society as a whole and he believes an affinity to math can be established early on in the education system.

The unique aspect of this methodology is how students, parents, teachers, and the community engage in the program. Mr. Correa has defined a specific role for each of these groups so that together there is a reward component to learning as well as self-esteem building, increased recognition of teachers, enthusiasm for a difficult subject, and most importantly the development of skills that have widespread applications.

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