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Mexico: Land of opportunity

27 Sep 2013

Category: Manufacturing in Mexico

In a recently published article, The New York Times referred to Mexico as a new land of opportunity. The article discussed the influx of foreign-born residents in Mexico, and some reasons this is the case.

"Rising wages in China and higher transportation costs have made Mexican manufacturing highly competitive again," according to The New York Times, "with some projections suggesting it is already cheaper than China for many industries serving the American market." This is one reason many people from around the world are choosing to move to Mexico.

As a result, many people looking for the opportunity to better their circumstances are coming to Mexico to start a new life. Migrants are coming from all economic and geographic backgrounds, from executives to laborers. People from such diverse places as France and Korea are making Mexico their new home, lured by the economic opportunity in the country.

The impact of manufacturing
As American companies recognize the value of manufacturing in Mexico, many professionals at all levels are finding jobs are available to them in the country. A variety of factors in Mexico, from heightened economic activity to improved infrastructure, are contributing to this momentum. Companies and entrepreneurs moving to Mexico also has a positive effect on economic progress.

Collaboration between newly educated Mexicans and foreign companies, many of which move their plants to Mexico to lower manufacturing costs, may further the country's economic prospects and place on the world stage even more. There is a great deal of promise in Mexico felt by those who have recently arrived and lifelong residents alike.

Mexico's former president, Felipe Calderon, recently delivered a speech highlighting Mexico's progress and potential. "When I took office," he stated, "Mexico was the ninth-largest exporter of vehicles in the world. Today, it is the fourth-largest exporter of vehicles in the world, surpassing this year Spain and the U.S."

A thriving culture
On the cultural front, Mexico is also thriving. European expatriates say they find the country vibrant and enlivening - a man raised in Paris even told The New York Times that compared to Mexico, "Nothing is happening in Paris." This is a strong statement of the importance of Mexico's current cultural scene.

As Mexico's economic activity and health advances, more individuals and companies from abroad are likely to recognize - and capitalize on - its immense potential.


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