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New business leaders must think outside-the-box

18 Sep 2013

Category: Labor & Economics

Business leaders are faced with tough choices everyday and their decisions can often make or break the future of their organization. One of their biggest challenges is succession planning at their company and getting the executives in place to continue the strong direction on the firm. In fact, a recent study from Deloitte, revealed 84 percent of global business leaders and human resources executives said their firms have to find new, creative ways to find leadership at the organization.

Innovative thinking is key
Many businesses are faced with navigating through the difficult global economy. Forward-thinking executives at growing companies who suggest handling manufacturing responsibilities themselves while offshore shelter companies in Mexico handle the other aspects of the business could be just the people in an organization needs to lead their enterprise into the future.

These solutions can allow firms to experience several benefits, including expert logistics supports and coordination, access to Mexican vendors and service provides and expert employee engagement and administration. Leaders who realize the potential of moving operations to the Mexico, one of the emerging markets around the world, are just the people organizations should place in charge when trying to promote change  

"Today's businesses are faced with unprecedented challenges including: generating profits in markets with flat or declining growth, establishing a presence in emerging countries to creating the next wave of disruptive innovation – and everything in between," said Brett Walsh, global human capital leader at Deloitte. "Each of these challenges requires a unique kind of leader."

Shelter companies can meet the needs of any business
Partnering with a shelter company in Mexico can be just the boost American businesses need to gain a leg up on their competition and pursue opportunities that can lead toward business growth. According to the Deloitte survey, 87 percent of business leaders want organizations to have higher expectations for their change initiatives by looking for ways they can be met with customized strategies. This is exactly why leaders should trust shelter companies in Mexico, because of their reputation to work with firms, provide the services their clients need and adjust to how the organization plans to proceed.

Not only will shelter companies help find the employees in Mexico that will be able to carry out the tasks asked of them, but they will also help with several other solutions. These services include maintaining a candidate database with worthy job seekers in case any staff members leave the business, providing a proper orientation for all new Mexican additions to the workforce and prequalifying applicants so they have an idea for who they will want to hire next if their client hopes to expand. Business leaders that choose to team up with shelter companies are innovative, and using these alternative strategies can lead to better run organizations. 

"One size does not fit all," Walsh said. "Business leaders that successfully create more effective ways to retain and attract top talent as competition increases in the global work environment will reap the rewards in the bottom line."


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