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New Manufacturing Ideas on Display in Mexico

13 Jun 2016

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Recent success doesn't mean companies can rest on their laurels. As Mexican manufacturing communities benefit from nearshoring's popularity among U.S. businesses, organizations need to keep their facilities up to date and competitive in the current market. This often requires investigating the latest manufacturing innovations and investing in new ideas.

Mexico is a primary location for U.S. nearshore manufacturing. While utilizing the many advantages Mexico can provide - affordable labor, trade agreements and a shortened supply chain - there is no need to sacrifice quality. The country not only offers a young and skilled population, but the manufacturing facilities provide the latest equipment for efficient production. 

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New Ideas in Mexican Manufacturing
Bringing innovative technology to the region relies on companies recognizing Mexico as an optimal consumer of manufacturing products. The U.S. Commerce Department's International Trade Administration reported Mexico will be the number one market for U.S. manufacturing equipment suppliers in 2016 and 2017, according to MRFTech. The country beat out other major manufacturing territories like China and Canada. U.S. organizations appeal to this increased demand by showcasing the products manufacturers will want to stay competitive in the near future.

Mexico has both a large skilled labor pool and the latest equipment for efficient production.Businesses can find innovative production equipment in Mexican facilities.

Mexico is also home to many new equipment and advanced technology shows that push the industry into the future. In May 2016, Mexico City will hosted FABTECH Mexico and took place in Mexico City's Centro Banamex. The event hosted 550 exhibitors from around the world displaying the latest manufacturing products for over 12,500 attendees. The network of professional manufacturers included facility owners, shelter service managers and manufacturing community representatives. The four sections of the event focus on fabricating, welding, metal forming and finishing technology. The products demonstrated how companies use advanced technology to weld, shape, assemble, cut and manage supplies with greater effectiveness.

Innovative equipment

Different companies teach workshops and perform live demonstrations so attendees can see manufacturing products in action. Virtual Strategy magazine said Uniweld will be on hand to give production facility manufactures a closer look at its welding product mix.

"Companies use connected devices, automated machines and innovative designs to create goods."

One piece of Uniweld equipment consumers find particularly popular is the automed Trakutter machine. The product provides an automated track to cut manufacturing materials in even lines. This is just one of many demonstrations that will teach attendees how innovative equipment simplifies procedures while delivering optimal quality. Other products showcased at FABTECH will show manufacturers how companies can use connected devices, automated machines and innovative designs to create top of the line goods in Mexican manufacturing communities and production plants.

An Expanding Market for Manufacturing

Mexican manufacturers need new welding and fabrication equipment as more companies nearshore facilities within the country's borders. Tenere Inc. announced it will open a new soft tool fabrication and assembly plant in Monterrey, Mexico. The facility will use manufacturing equipment like laser cutting and will provide quality metal folding, bending and welding for clients. The business has plans to include powder coating finishing in its next expansion.

Tenere Inc. said it was impressed with the facilities and labor available in Mexico. Other companies work hard to provide these manufacturing plants with the assets and resources necessary to appeal to new markets. The MagneGas Corporation said it will provide an innovative form of fuel for companies in California and Mexico. The product offers manufacturers in these territories a fuel source made from liquid waste. 

Manufacturing in Mexico should continue to be a major consumer of technology innovation so organizations should expect more new ideas from suppliers. By researching ideas coming to the market, companies can find the equipment and resources they need to be more efficient, eco-friendly and profitable. 

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