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The Offshore Group’s Manufacturing Communities in Mexico

12 May 2015

Category: Manufacturing in Mexico

More domestic manufacturers are looking for nearshoring solutions for their manufacturing needs.

Optimize Nearshoring

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Nearshoring frees companies from myriad logistical challenges, allowing them to focus on developing a fantastic product to supply a hungry market. However, careful selection of a nearshoring partner is critical to success, requiring appropriate facilities, qualified personnel, administrative services, shipping and logistics capacity, and compliance with local regulatory structures. Companies in search of a comprehensive solution should look south to Mexico and The Offshore Group's manufacturing communities.

Foreign companies manufacturing in Mexico must commit to a long-term presence after four years of operation. Whether or not that long-term commitment is part of your business vision, The Offshore's manufacturing communities take advantage of the "maquiladora" framework, which allows companies to leverage all of the benefits of manufacturing in Mexico without having to worry about all of the legalities, profit-sharing and other issues for those first four years. This process makes it easy for businesses to give nearshoring a try without all of the upfront risk.

The Offshore Group also maintains Class A industrial facilities that are extensible to meet a variety of needs. Modular construction ensures that buildings can scale to accommodate both production requirements on the floor and office space as needed. Security and safety measures protect operations while giving employees a safe working environment.

There is more to nearshoring manufacturing than low-cost facilities and talented craftsmen. The back office has to run smoothly and in compliance with any associated regulatory bodies. The Offshore Group's client companies are intent on manufacturing a quality product. Our product is the human resource, import/export and legal management necessary to ensure that production is of the highest quality while protecting the interests of management and workers on both sides of the border.

When you're looking for flexibility in the manufacturing process, The Offshore Group's manufacturing communities in Mexico enjoy all the ancillary support services needed to let you focus on bringing products to market. We maintain the workspace, support services and legal frameworks so you can focus on your business.


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