News, Insights and Best Practices for Manufacturing in Mexico



Reshoring and Nearshoring

Several issues of major importance must be taken into consideration when the decision to relocate various aspects of a manufacturing process for a company is contemplated.

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No State Shines like Sonora when Manufacturing In Mexico

When companies look at setting up manufacturing facilities in Mexico, Sonora should be high on there list of possible locales at which to initiate manufacturing operations.

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Mexican Electricity Usage Peaks

Leticia MartinezBusiness Development Manager, The Offshore Group - MTK

Companies manufacturing in Mexico will get a charge out of learning about how Mexico's Federal Electricity Commission, or...

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If Done Incorrectly, Customs Tariffs can be Costly

By José Luis Martínez The Offshore Group, Tucson, Arizona

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Shelter Services in Mexico Ensure Business Continuity

When manufacturing business owners have worked hard all their lives, they want to ensure that their manufacturing business makes a smooth transition to their successors.  They want to not only...

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Detail Oriented Manufacturers Save with Added Tax IVA Refunds

By Elsa SturzaVice President of Finance, The Offshore Group

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Aerospace Manufacturing in Mexico Ready For Take-Off

By Tonya Vinas

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Selecting the Right EMS Provider


EE Technologies, Inc.

by Karla Osorno

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EMS Industry Sizing in Mexico and China

Over the next several weeks, The Offshore Group’s blog will contain excerpts froma report entitled, "China v. Mexico: An Objective Comparison for Midmarket Electronics OEMs." by Charlie Barnhart &...

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Top 10 Lessons Learned While Manufacturing in Mexico

Manufacturing in Mexico can sometimes be hard to navigate, especially if you're unfamiliar with the local community and the way Mexican business culture works.  Rogan Owens, the former plant manager...

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