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Productivity Centers Create Opportunities for Small Companies

09 Jun 2015

Category: Manufacturing in Mexico

There are big opportunities for technology companies like toolmakers and automation houses in Mexico. The problem for many of these companies is finding a way to support a small operation in a remote location. The Offshore Group’s Productivity Centers are specifically designed to address the needs of these smaller manufacturing operations.

Each Productivity Center provides private, secure manufacturing space based on the needs of each company. Common features like loading docks, reception areas, employee washrooms and lunchrooms are shared amongst several clients, resulting in lower facilities costs. Offshore also provides a shared receptionist and shipper who service several companies at a lower cost. Companies not only save on personnel cost, they also reduce their management burden.

Productivity Centers are located in our Manufacturing Communities so companies benefit from the full range of administrative services available through our Shelter Programs. Human Resources, Import and Export Administration, Employee Transportation, Facilities Management and Local MRO Purchasing are all handled by Offshore. Companies can focus on their operation and leave the complexity of local administration to Offshore. Furthermore, by combining the needs of all the companies in our Manufacturing Communities, we lower cost for everyone.

Our Manufacturing Communities include training facilities that can be used by any of our clients. Offshore can help organize common training programs and, where possible, obtain government assistance to fund training initiatives.

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