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Shelter companies help aerospace manufacturers expand to Mexico

25 Jul 2013

Category: Aerospace Manufacturing

Mexico is emerging as one of the top aviation production centers, with more aerospace businesses choosing to offshore manufacturing to the country. According to The Guardian, Mexico's aviation industry has seen 20 percent growth since 2006, and is only going to keep rising as aerospace companies take advantage of the competitive manufacturing costs in the country. 

The Guardian reported numerous aviation heavyweights like Delta Air Lines and Eurocopter have already expanded their business into the country, and while others, such as Airbus and Boeing, have not done so but will soon follow suit. According to the newspaper, the industry is settling in areas like Sonora and Queretaro where it is easy to offshore the manufacturing process, with shelter companies already active in the area.

Carlos Bello Rocha, head of the Aerospace Industry Federation in Mexico, told The Guardian that aviation exports doubled between 2009 and 2012, which quickly turned the country into an aerospace hot spot.

"Our country is attracting the biggest share of aerospace investment worldwide," Rocha said. "With 14 percent average growth projected for the coming years, Mexico will rank 10th among aerospace suppliers by the end of the decade."

According to Manufacturing Net, an online news source for manufacturers, aviation companies see Mexico as a strategic place to grow their operations. Aerospace suppliers of Boeing and Airbus have already settled into the country to maintain production standards while decreasing labor costs. 

Suppliers like Ducommun Aerostructures, which produces sophisticated aviation components, have already been in the country for many years. However, Manufacturing Net reported others, such as Century Fasteners Corp. are expanding their process to Mexico to take advantage of the country's growing specialty.

With Mexican shelter companies providing numerous benefits for aerospace corporations to offshore their manufacturing to the country, the number of aviation businesses active in Mexico is only going to increase. 


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