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Shelter companies tackle employee engagement for manufacturers

05 Nov 2013

Category: Labor & Economics, Manufacturing in Mexico

When the entire workforce is willing and able to work hard for an employer they feel values them, the whole company benefits. Employee engagement is a leading concern for many U.S. businesses, and shouldn't go by the wayside when expanding to Mexico. High turnover and low morale can be significant obstacles for manufacturers when they offshore to Mexico independently and don't invest in employee training, management or engagement. The majority of companies want to focus on creating great products when they offshore to Mexico, but the impact of happy workers shouldn't be forgotten. Shelter companies allow manufacturers to do what they do best - manufacture high-quality goods - by taking care of the human resources side of the company's Mexican facilities.

Tackling the challenge
Forbes suggested company executives and HR professionals ask themselves if employees just show up and perform adequate work or if they go above and beyond for the organization. There is a real difference between the two. The former may be on time and contribute to the company's success, but they may not be inspired to do so. Galvanizing employees to do good work can go a long way to improving product quality and staff retention levels. 

According to Fast Company, there are five factors that motivate employees:

  • Being able to have social interactions
  • Making progress toward end goals, whether they are company-set or personal objectives
  • Improving in an area that matters to the worker, such as gaining a new certification or fixing an ongoing issue
  • Being able to contribute to the greater good of the company or the external community
  • Being in control of their own career trajectory

Engaging workers requires managers to ignite their passions and support their professional goals. Shelter companies assist manufacturers by taking care of the HR and compliance side of the business. However, they do so much more than just working with the employees: shelter companies develop a happy workforce. By mediating employee disputes, working with the local communities and even coordinating educational activities and fun events, shelter companies can be the difference between an engaged labor force and one that just shows up for a paycheck. 

Shelter companies also control the recruiting and hiring side of the business, and can sift through applications to find the employees who have the potential for high engagement. This can reduce the likelihood of high turnover and low morale right from the beginning. It even gives the manufacturer a leg up in the competitive manufacturing environment because shelter companies are able to find and employ the most experienced and skilled workers. After recruitment, the shelter company takes care of all aspects of HR management, allowing the manufacturer to reap the benefits of an engaged workforce.


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