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Sustainable packaging enterprise expands manufacturing in Mexico

19 Feb 2014

Category: Logistics Management

As the manufacturing sector diversifies in Mexico, there are increasing opportunities for international companies to offshore production in the region. With a strong community of medical device and aerospace enterprises already established in multiple locations throughout Mexico, global packaging supplier Nefab has recently announced plans to strengthen its manufacturing operations in the country.

Building off a strong foundation
According to a recent press release, the company aims to develop a brand new manufacturing facility in Guadalajara, Mexico. This industry stronghold was already home to two company plants, one in both the north and south sections of the city. Instead of operating out of separate factories, Nefab will combine operations of the two locations into one state-of-the-art plant. This will potentially streamline operations for the company by combining production and distribution in one central facility.

At the same time, the new factory will be upgraded with more comfortable workplace amenities and design. Superior lighting and an efficient structural layout will likely help sustain improved productivity for the packaging enterprise. With a better working environment, employees will be able to work in a facility that supports a stronger supply chain. For example, Nefab Quality Manager Carman Ariza explained the new plant will segregate incoming and outgoing freight in distinct areas. As a result, supply chain managers are better able to handle workflow. At the same time, Ariza indicated the two separate locations were no longer sufficient to manage expanding operations.

Sustainability as a core value
In a recent company report, Nefab outlined its objectives over the next few years, which includes its operations in Mexico. For example, the company is focusing on making sure the new facility is certified according to ISO 14001. Going further, Nefab has pushed to integrate "GreenCALC," which is a tool that creates entire life cycle analysis reports. This initiative is largely in response to consumer market demands for sustainable packaging options, including more environmentally-friendly materials.

The company is also working to address concerns about supply chain security, citing concerns from telecommunications companies. According to the report, Nefab manufacturing designs and facilities pay close attention to the role containers and loading processes play in maximizing the amount of space freight requires. When companies are able to ship a larger amount of goods per shipment, businesses need fewer orders and can reduce carbon dioxide emissions, as well as save on shipping costs.


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