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The Offshore Group Advantage [Infographic]

03 Jan 2014

Category: Manufacturing in Mexico

Mexico shelter services help manufacturers achieve their goals by allowing them to do what they do best - manufacture.


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North American manufacturers want to see a return on their investment when they offshore manufacturing. Becoming globally competitive relies on manufacturers reducing their labor costs without harming their product quality or lengthening their supply chain. To do this, companies are rapidly moving out of China and into Mexico to take advantage of its low cost manufacturing environment and close proximity to consumer end-markets.

North American companies can't do it on their own, however. Seeing true cost savings and all of the benefits manufacturing in Mexico has to offer requires North American companies to partner with a business that understands the ins and outs of manufacturing in the country. Mexico shelter services help manufacturers achieve their goals by allowing them to do what they do best - manufacture.

Receive optimal offshoring benefits with our shared services

When your business partners with a shelter company, you're able to focus on production productivity and delivering great products to consumers. By not having to worry about establishing an infrastructure, complying with Mexican labor laws or even recruiting workers, your company can take advantage of manufacturing in Mexico at low cost and low risk.

We do it all for you:

  • Find the right location that is perfect for your specific industry and unique needs
  • Recruit talented employees
  • Process and administer worker benefits for labor compliance and worker retention
  • Provide occupational health services to keep employees well
  • Schedule and transport workers to and from work
  • Ensure accounting and fiscal compliance
  • Meet safety regulations
  • Work with labor unions and act in your best interest in industry associations
  • Procure supplies
  • Move goods through customs and to end-markets

When you partner with The Offshore Group, your company benefits from lower costs, lower financial and legal exposure and a stronger focus on production. Working with The Offshore Group allows you to truly become competitive.

The Offshore Group: You Manufacture ... We Do The Rest

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