News, Insights and Best Practices for Manufacturing in Mexico



State of The Manufacturing Workforce in Mexico and The U.K.

The manufacturing industry in the UK, and partially in the U.S., has had difficulty attracting manufacturing talent over the past decade. The industry hasn’t been able to change the perceptions...

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3 Manufacturing Specialties of the Mexican Labor Force

Mexico is quickly becoming a leader in manufacturing as many industries choose to nearshore and expand their company into the country. Growing industry clusters throughout the country are...

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Manufacturing in Tijuana

Mexican border cities are the mecca of manufacturing for companies who need to lower costs, connect with their customers, and find skilled employees. Manufacturing in Tijuana is a prime example of...

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3 Places to Build Your Maquiladora in Mexico

There are many places for businesses to consider for expanding to Mexico. Three of the recently popular maquiladora locations are Jalisco, Coahuila, and Sonora. Depending on what your business...

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What Drives the Automotive Industry in Queretaro and the Bajio?

Automotive manufacturing in Queretaro has grown immensely since the arrival of a manufacturing boom in 2005. Although the success was attributed to the aerospace industry, automotive manufacturing...

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Companies Nearshore to Reduce Natural Disaster Risk

No matter where a company operates, it's impossible to safeguard against 100 percent of potential disasters. However, running multiple facilities while decreasing the distance between locations...

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Mexico’s Competition in the Automotive Industry

Throughout the years Mexico’s auto market has been able to keep up with market changes and transition with trends leading the automotive market. Future trends including SUV sales, utility vehicle...

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Foreign Companies Continue Investing in Mexico Manufacturing

Mexico manufacturing provides companies with a variety of benefits. Companies expanding to the country become part of dynamically growing industries with access to a global market and highly...

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Industry Needs for Automotive Suppliers in Mexico

One of the main reasons automakers are able to produce and export at a large scale is because of Mexico’s robust network of suppliers located around the country. Mexico exported 41% of their auto... Read More

Natural Gas Distribution in the Saltillo Manufacturing Industry

Exports of U.S. natural gas to Mexico have quickly risen in the past decade because of its low prices and ease of access. Since 2009, Natural Gas exports to Mexico have doubled in support of the...

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