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Automakers: All Aboard for Nearsourcing - 

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Saltillo’s Automotive Industry Primed for Acceleration

“In Saltillo, an entire automobile can almost be built,” Miguel Hernandez, Director of Saltillo Operations for The Offshore Group observes. “We don’t have a tire manufacturer here, but most of the...

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The Mexican Automotive Industry has a Long History

The Early Years of The Automotive Industry In Mexico:


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Mexico Manufacturing Plant is Top Performer for Intec

The Intec Group of Palatine, Illinois is global supplier of automotive parts and systems. Specifically, the company is a manufacturer of switches, sensors, control modules, door and fuel systems, and...

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Mexico’s Automotive Industry is Cruising Along

Canada dropped in position among the leading global manufacturers of automobiles again last year. In the North American market, Mexican production now surpasses that of the U.S.’s neighbor to the...

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The Mexican Automotive Industry: Mexico, Mercosur and Ace 55

Automotive manufacturing operations in Mexico have expanded in Mexico due to investor enthusiasm directed at the country.

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