News, Insights and Best Practices for Manufacturing in Mexico



Is the Bloom Coming Off China’s Manufacturing Rose?

Manufacturing in Mexico was seen at the turn of the millennium, and prior that, as the hands down preferential location for U.S. and Canadian manufacturers to set up shop to reduce their costs and to...

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Mexico Security: Separating Reality from Hyperbole

Reuters recently published an article entitled “If Monterrey Falls, Mexico Falls,” that caused quite a stir.

The journalist reported that a factory owner ignored extortion demands by the Zetas (a...

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Is Spanish an Absolute Necessity for Foreign Executives in Mexico?

English truly is the international language of business but I still meet people who don't believe it – especially when we’re discussing manufacturing in Mexico.  This appears to be a stereotypical...

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Mexico Shelter Companies: Making Sure that the Fit is Good

Many companies that consider establishing manufacturing operations in Mexico grapple with the decision of whether to enter the country as a stand-alone, wholly-owned subsidiary, or to establish...

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How to Reduce or Eliminate Duties When Importing Items into Mexico

Ever since the NAFTA was signed in 1994, Mexico has pursued an aggressive policy of establishing free trade agreements with countries around the globe.  As such Mexico is not only a great place from...

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