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Mexico a leader among Latin American medical device manufacturers

For many health care organizations, finding cost-effective materials for their offices and facilities is an ongoing challenge. Medical device manufacturers have strived to provide the highest...

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US medical device tax encourages offshoring to Mexico

As part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), medical device manufacturers within the U.S. must now pay an excise tax. Many medical device manufacturers have spoken out against the excise tax, which...

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Thinking of creating a new medical device?

Life sciences and biotech startups are thriving and many are going public. Some of these companies are in the business of creating medical devices. Entrepreneurs and businesses that would like to...

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Medical device manufacturers must focus on software security

During an exhibition at the 2011 Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas, security researcher and diabetes patient Jerome Radcliffe demonstrated how he could hack his own insulin pump and administer a...

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Mexico becomes a medical device manufacturing leader

Mexico is home to many types of manufacturing, but it is quickly becoming a global leader in medical device production. With the market for medical IT and health care devices growing, there is a...

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Mexico and Medical Devices

The Mexican medical device industry is one of its most significant manufacturing sectors. Although Mexico manufacturers many medical devices, it imported product valued at US $2.0 billion in 2011,...

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