News, Insights and Best Practices for Manufacturing in Mexico



Foreign Direct Investment in Mexico Drives Middle Class Growth

Over the last two decades, Mexico has radically opened its economy to foreign trade and investment. The country has transformed itself from a characteristically closed economy to one in which...

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Intellectual Property Protection in Mexico and China

Protection of intellectual property varies from country to country, and when considering the laws of other countries, especially when considering host countries for offshore manufacturing and...

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Practical Communications Tips for Mexico Manufacturing Executives

The Mexico manufacturing executive with all the cell phones? He's no cell salesman. He's just a guy saving a few pesos!

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Important information for manufactureres in the "Diario Oficial"

In addition to being useful to verify whether or not tequila can come from Nayarit or Talavera from Yucatan, or if there's really a difference between a two-star and a three star hotel, manufacturers...

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Mexico could benefit from greater government transparency

If you think you're not getting the straight scoop from a Mexican public servant, don't threaten to call his boss, punch him out or boast that you know someone more powerful who will get that info on...
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Mexican Electricity Usage Peaks

Leticia MartinezBusiness Development Manager, The Offshore Group - MTK

Companies manufacturing in Mexico will get a charge out of learning about how Mexico's Federal Electricity Commission, or...

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